How to make time for writing


I don’t think there’s any special trick to this, it’s just a matter of priorities. For me, I only write on my days off of paid work. I have long hours at work, so I get three days off instead of two. I don’t write on work days because to write before work would mean that I would have to wake up and about four in the morning. And I don’t write after work because that would mean I would have to stay awake until about midnight. I’m not a college kid anymore, I can’t function with just four hours of sleep.

glass colors frameThat being said, even on my off days, sometimes I still don’t write. It’s not that I don’t want to write, or that I don’t understand that it’s important to get some writing done whenever you have a chance. It’s just on some days there are things that are a bit more important. I can almost hear it, writers across the globe are clutching their chests and gasping at my last words. But really, there are somethings that are more important than writing. Sometimes I just have to take a day off to check in with reality.

For example, this passed month my mom had a pace-maker put in. I took a few days off of writing for that. No, I’m not a surgeon, and I completely understand that if anything went wrong there really wouldn’t be anything that I could do to help the situation. But still, a machine was put into my mom’s chest to keep her heart beating. I just thought I should be somewhere more present than holed up in my writing burrow.

broken heartAnd guess what, I don’t feel the tiniest bit of regret for that time off. Once my mom was out of the hospital and feeling better, I went right back to writing. I didn’t try to write extra to make up for the missing days. I didn’t really worry about word count.
Because, sometimes life happens and the more you live it the better your writing will be any way.

So, how do I make time for writing? Easy, when I wake up in the morning I think of what’s most important to me on that day. Sometimes writing wins. Sometimes it doesn’t. And both help me improve my writing.

What ways do you improve your writing with out actually writing? I’d love to hear about it, please leave a comment in the area below.


Time is a villain!

Washington state museum

Recently I haven’t really gotten a whole lot of writing done. I’ve had extra hours at work. My mom’s sick, so I’ve been visiting her more often. My house has been demanding some serious TLC (and so has my cat). And with all these extras, I’ve been forced to make choices with my limited time, like sleeping or writing (sleeping almost always wins, even if it means sneaking up on me while I’m writing!).

And I’ve decided that I wasn’t the one to blame for my lack of time, it was Time’s fault! The problem is that Time’s just been too stingy with me. 24 hours isn’t nearly enough time in a day. To fit all my daily tasks in, a day would need to be at least 35 hours long. Minimum wages have been going up, so why not minimum hours in a day?

I think we writers should protest! We should demand extra hours in our days. We creative types need the extra time to fit in all our extra creativity. Writer’s should unite, and stand up for our rights to over schedule ourselves! I call for all writers to march to our town halls (or maybe libraries?) for our rights!