Bloggers are a dying breed?!


I’ve recently been going through my list of followers and popping in on their websites just to see what they’re up to. It started out pretty good at first. I got to see lots of really beautiful sites and read some really fantastic writing. I highly recommend this one,   the pictures and writing are so wonderful.

0813161358-01But slowly, one by one, something started marring my fun filled journey through my followers worlds. No, it wasn’t typos. It was the “Website could not be found” screen. Over and over again that nasty page kept popping up. After getting thoroughly annoyed, I decided to do a little investigating, and WordPress was right. These websites really were shut down. My follower’s blogs were dead. Dead! And I didn’t even get an invitation to the funeral.

I just can’t believe it, a blog is there one minute and gone the next. A blog’s life is so fragile, so fleeting!

To all the bloggers out there. After your blogs untimely demise, please remember to let loved ones in the blogging community know so they have the opportunity to mourn your blog’s passing. Maybe send a nice e-card. big thank you


SEO for writers


SEO, slowly but surely I’m figuring it out. I’m also learning why it’s so important for writers to know it and how to use it too. For the past two years I’ve just assumed that it was for techy people to use to make their high tech jobs even more high tech. Little did I know, it actually has more to do with me and my wee little blog than a techy programmer squirreled away in his cubical.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is what makes a person’s blog or website findable by the big Internet names like Google and Yahoo!. If the big Internet names can’t find your writer’s blog or website, then it’s very likely that no one can. If no one can find you or your website on the Internet, then your site probably isn’t doing you a whole lot of good.

broken heartBut how does an indie writer improve their search engine find-ability? Well, there are actually lots of different ways. The most common way is to include highly trending words into your blog or website heading. You find these words by going to a website that lists the day’s most heavily searched words. I investigated a little bit and I found quite a few different sites that offered a list of trending words. Unfortunately most of them wanted me to sign-up and pay them a fee. I guess they didn’t understand that writer=poor. I did find one site that offered the top 20 search words for the day for free! That was Google Trends.

It’s quick and easy to give it a check, the page is very simplistic so you won’t get lost in a ton of techy jargon, and there isn’t so much information that you can’t sift through it to get what you want. Today’s most important word is Dallas Green. I’m not really sure how I would use it in a blog post, but it would make me easier to find by more people.

0813161358-01A quick word of warning, don’t over do it with the trending words, or you might get in trouble with the big Internet names and they may block your blog or website from their search engines.

Fiverr Writer?


As you probably know from earlier posts, I’m currently looking for a side gig or two. So I was poking around on the Internets, and I found an article mentioning how a writer could sell their e-books on Fiverr. I had never heard anything about that before. This kind of caught my interest, because all of my books have an e-book version. Also, if I sold my e-books for $5, then they would be going for a higher price on Fiverr than they were on Amazon. More money is always nice.

Driftwood island new and improved cover

My biggest concern is, do people actually go book shopping on Fiverr? I have some serious doubts about that. It’s just not the kind of place I would go to pick up a good book. I don’t think any of my friends go shopping on Fiverr for books either. So who (if anybody) does go book shopping on Fiverr and are they the type of person that would like my books?

monster in the basement smash words cover

I’ve tried investigating the Fiverr website to find some answers, and it took my inner Ludite about five seconds to recoiled from the sleek, efficient automatedness of it all. The site seemed like it was designed only for techy type people, which I am not. After going around in circles for about an hour, I gave up and ran to someplace that was more my speed. My blog.

Please feel free to share your writing experiences with Fiverr in the comment area below!