What Feedback Should You Apply To Your Story? — A Writer’s Pathi recently

For new writers that are a little nervous about joining a writing group, or if your just not sure how you should view feedback from your peers, this can really help.

by Allison Maruska A critique partner (CP) recently told me one of the trickiest parts of the group is remembering not all feedback need be applied. It reminded me of my early days in the group – as a new writer, jumping into a gathering of other writers (who you assume all must have more experience […]

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I did it all for the nookbook!

Driftwood Island cover picGreat news! My first book, Driftwood Island, is now available as a Nook Book. So now, whether you have a Kindle or a Nook, you can enjoy my 4 star novel about Alley, and how she saves a little sea side town and a mysterious island lost in fog.

If you would like to read the first chapter for free, check it out on my Chapter One  page. You can meet the characters on my Characters page. Or you can read a quick snapshot of the story on my Novels page.

And I plan to publish my second novel Monster in the Basement as a Nook Book very soon!