Best of 2016!

broken heartTo ring in the New Year, here are some of the best posts of Odd Author Amanda in 2016, just in case you missed them!

I fought the tech and the tech won   This post is about my adventures with trying to up-grade my website. You can probably guess by the title how that turned out.

Could I have 35,000 words with you?    Wordiness it can be a gift or a curse, but mostly just a “How the heck did that happen” moment.

Life of a song   Music inspires me so much, and is vital to my writing. I even have songs just for some of the characters featured in my books!

Life of a song 2   This post was so popular, I decided to do a sequel!

Interesting, very interesting   I don’t do a lot of book reviews, but I really thought this book was worth posting about.

To catch a fish, you need a good-   I really think that writers thrive by helping each other. By sharing tips and asking for advise, we all get better at our craft.

A movie norm that needs to die   Die, and then be buried deep in the woods in an unmarked grave!



Life of a song


Hey, just thought it might be fun to post a playlist for some of the characters from my novels. These are songs that my characters would most likely listen to, and they are also songs that inspired me while I was writing scenes that the characters were in.

Alley’s Playlist:

This is Halloween– OST, Nightmare before Christmas

Remains of the day– OST, Corpes Bride

Imaginary– Evenescence

Just like fire– Pink

Living dead girl– Rob Zombie

Moonlight shadow– Groove coverage

My beloved monster– Eels

Sally’s song– Fiona Apple, Nightmare before Christmas

Listen and enjoy!




Does music inspire you?

IMG_0143I love all kinds of music. From Alternative to K-pop to Death metal, it’s all good. A good beat can always put a smile on my face. It can make me laugh out loud or silently cry. Music is a wonderful thing. Dare I say, it’s almost magical.

IMG_0144But every so often I find a song that just speaks to me and I instantly have imagery blossoming through my mind, and just like that, it becomes a story. If I listen to the right song, I might come up with a whole new plot in less than 5 minutes. I’ll still need to fill in the details, but the story is all done in the length of a song. That’s what the joy of music can do for me.

IMG_0146Does music inspire you?