Vital stats for Writers!

corrected homework with green check markI recently found in my e-mail box a little note from Smashwords. I hadn’t heard from them in like forever, almost forgotten that I even had books published on their site, so I was really surprised to get an e-mail from them. The message was titled “2017 survey”. To me, that didn’t look too promising. I had no interest in taking yet another scammy survey, and I was just about to delete the e-mail, when I noticed two words– Publishing Statistics.

stack of books on blue fabricThat got my attention. I finally actually read through the message and it ends up that this wasn’t a survey for me to take, it was a survey of all the books sold through Smashwords and their co-distributors (like Barnes and Noble, ibook, ect.) the statistics of those sales, and conclusions that can be drawn from those statistics.

Statistics like, what genre sold the most, what book length sold the most, what title length sold the most,  do series still sell better than stand-alones, does the author make more profit from box-sets or single books. These stats were like a book marketing gold mine!

I know that over the next year, as I work to market the books I already have published and the new books that will be coming out, I will be checking this information all the time. I almost want to just print it out so I always have it on hand.

inside pages of the book A curious incident of the dog in the night timeFor anyone that’s published or signed up for Smashwords, I highly recommend that you check this out, it’s so informative. And they put it in a easy to digest slide-show, which is nice. For anyone that hasn’t published on Smashwords and isn’t really interested in signing up, I’ll put a link below.

I know I’m going to use the price point stats and the title length stats the most. What stats did you find the most useful? Did you revel in the statalicousness, or was it all too much information? Share your thoughts in the comments area below!

Smashwords book sales stats of awesomeness!