A writer’s lifeline part 2: The resurrection!

broken heartI’m alive! As you know from a earlier post I had a small house fire and I lost electricity to my bedroom and computer. It was horrible, I wouldn’t write, I couldn’t work on my novel, I couldn’t up-date my blog, I couldn’t write. I seriously started having writing with-drawls. I started staring off at nothing and spacing out for hours. I would just sit on my couch and rub my fingertips, cause I missed the feel of my computer keyboard. I even started losing my words. Just a few days ago I couldn’t think of the word for toast. I had to ask my brother for a slice of bread that’s been heated until it’s brown!

I’ve finally found a spot in the kitchen for my poor neglected computer, so now I can write again. And heave a big sigh of relief. My fingers are so happy, typing away. Words, it’s so wonderful to use words again.

broken heart

I would write a longer post, but I have email to read and Goodreads to comment and review on and so many other wonderful things to do on my lovely computer. Really, you don’t know how happy I am right now to be able to do all that stuff.


A writer’s lifeline


I recently had a small electrical fire at my house and it kind of killed the electricity to my bedroom. So, no lights, no heat, and most importantly no computer.

I never realized how completely my  life as a writer revolves around my computer. I never writer things by hand anymore. Why bother with the hand cramps when typing is so much easier and faster. I used to carry around a little notebook to jot down story ideas, now I just have my phone send an email to myself, thinking that I can work on it at home. Now all those emails are piling up for no one to read.

Blogging used to be a quick, fun little thing I did when I had a free hour. Now I have to make appointments to barrow a friend’s computer. Working on my novel has come to a grinding halt. I just joined a reading group on Goodreads (to find readers on the down low) and now I can’t even participate! Seriously, I’m going a little crazy being without my beloved computer, and it’s only been a few days.

Writers have NANOWRIMO as a month long celebration of all writingdom, but I think we should also have a special day to worship the all mighty computer. Without it our kind shrivels up and dies!

Writing advise that will make you laugh!


I recently found this great channel on Youtube about how to improve your writing. The host of the videos is a self published writer named Jenna Moreci, and her videos are really funny. I love watching them! Not only are they really enjoyable to watch, they actually have some very handy tips in them.

For the past two months I’ve been trying to solve a problem with the development of a couple of my characters in the book I’m currently working on. No matter what I did, I couldn’t figure it out. Then I watched some of Jenna’s videos and they helped me to look at my writing problem from a different angle. After so long, finally the problem with my story is fixed! Now I just have a few more scenes and my book is done.

I highly recommend these videos!

Here are some of my favorites:

Ten worst female character pet peeves

Your love story sucks

Five haters you meet when you become a writer