Short Stories!


Read original short stories by me for FREE!

I wrote this while I was still in college. It’s not as light and funny as my later writing, sorry if it seems a little depressing. I hope you like it.

Blood over Hyacinth Blue

A story about what happens to people that aren’t good, and nice, and heroic (but aren’t evil either) when they die.

Neutral Ground

Some times the wrong choice is the right choice.

The Benefits of being evil

As you probably already know, my favorite Point of view is first person, this story is my try at something different. It’s a bit longer than my other freebies, but I hope you like it.

Girl, House, Bears

Written just for Halloween!

Looking Glass

Written just in time for the holidays!

It has nothing to do with Christmas

I found a drained snow globe in a vintage shop and thought up this story about it.

The Villain

I wrote this  story after watching way too many horror movies where some silly person wanders into the woods and ends up being scared to death by some big bad ghost. So, I was curious what it would be like to switch the story around a little bit.

A Ghost Haunting


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