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Driftwood Island cover picAlley is a goth on a mission! To protect her against the high school bullies that were making her life a nightmare, Alley’s parents sent her away to live with her old aunt. Too bad the quiet little sea-side town they sent her to is slowly turning its inhabitants into zombies, and Ally’s next. To keep herself from turning into a zombie like everyone else, Alley must travel to the mysterious island hidden in eternal mist.

What secrets do the residents of Driftwood Island keep, and can Alley survive long enough to save them, the towns people of her new home, and herself?

Find out in Driftwood Island, available on!

new monster in the basement cover art 2Madeline just wants a place for her and her mom to rest after a turbulent divorce swept them away from their old home. But, with denizens of the dead (or un-dead) wandering into her new house, life is anything but restful. What’s a practical, responsible, logical girl to do? Recruit a vampire to kick the hellish freeloaders out of course! Too bad payment for such help turns out to be more than Madeline bargained for.

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its-a-stony-road-through-hell-coverJina is a young artist, fresh out of school and determined to make her mark on the world. But when Jina’s mother suddenly dies, all fingers are pointed at her, including her own. Now she’s made a deal with a devil to right her wrongs. The bargain? A three day marathon through Hell. If she makes it, she gets her mother back. But this is hell and the road is twisted and dark.

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