Meet the Characters of all the novels here!IMG_0133

Driftwood Island cover picDriftwood Island

Alley– A spunky goth with a flair for the dramatic, she tends to be a bit impulsive and can easily get caught up in wild adventures of her own making. Alley’s personality can seem extreme at times (extremely happy, sad, ticked off) which can be difficult for a more down-to-earth serious personality to keep up with. With her attention grabbing dramatics, she attracts friends quickly and easily, unfortunately her personality tends to attract bullies too. Quote: “Stupid logic, always ruining my best arguments.”

Skyler– Down-to-earth and serious, Skyler has had a difficult life and very little time for something spunky. He takes his responsibilities deathly serious and can be very protective, even if it means going behind someone’s back to do so. Though he rarely smiles, when he does, he puts everything into it. Quote: ” . . . . . . . . ” (Skyler’s favorite form of communication)

Cheri and Champaign– Best friends with a bazaar way of viewing the world that borders on craziness. Their playful antics aren’t always enjoyed by the people that are trapped into participating, though their games are never meant to hurt or to be mean. Light hearted and at times painfully naive, they have had to survive in a world that has been less than understanding to them. Quote: “She’s so cute, can I keep her?” “You can’t go around kidnapping people, we’ll run out of room here.”

Darla and Marta– Two psychos that love causing emotional pain. If they aren’t bullying, intimidating, or just plain causing trouble, then they aren’t happy. Worst of all, one of them is hiding a secret, one that could change everything, and might even save Alley’s life!             Quote: “It looks like you don’t really belong in here.”  “I call this game, What’s in the dark?”

new monster in the basement cover art 2Monster in the Basement

Madeline – A pragmatic teen, she’s always looking  out for her more sensitive mom; even if it means stretching the truth to spare her mom’s feelings. Her only goal lately has been to find a place where she and her mom can live a nice calm life where nothing unexpected happens. Madeline considers herself to be very responsible and mature, she has little patience for childishness, silliness, or anything illogical. Quote: “Squirrels! Stupid, juvenile, evil little squirrels that can’t take “No” for an answer.”

Archer– Childish, impulsive, and illogical, he isn’t exactly the vampire of Madeline’s dreams. The only thing that makes less sense than Archer’s world view is his adoration of Madeline. Too bad the only way he can think of to get her attention is by annoying her to tears. Quote:“Hey. . . . Hey, why are you walking away? Where are you going? Was it something I said?”

Karen (Madeline’s mom)- Sensitive and gentle, sometimes she cares too much. She’s quick to accept others (even if maybe she shouldn’t) and equally quick to forgive. Her biggest joy in life is seeing her cute little daughter happy. Quote:“Are you sure you’re not just a little bit stressed out over this?”

Chet (Cornflake)- Bland and disinterested in just about everything, it’s amazing how much trouble one person can cause without even trying. Quote: “Don’t worry about it, I didn’t really have anything important to say.”

Freddy the homicidal kitten- a fluffy ball of hellish doom! Quote: “Meooow?”


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