The writer writes again!: A matter of re-mastering.

Driftwood island new and improved cover

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I was re-editing my first book (Driftwood Island) and I was going to re-release it some time soon. Well, now it’s going to be really soon! I just got done editing the paperback version.

The book was so much easier to edit when I could actually hold it and flip through the pages. Until now, I had always done all my editing on the computer because I thought it was more convenient. But, it was really surprising how many things just didn’t look right once the book was printed out. I think from now on, I will be editing my books from a paper version before letting them go to print. I’m so glad I learned this handy little trick.

So, just a heads up. If you haven’t gotten a chance to read my first book in its original first edition, you really need to do that now, because it’s going away soon. Also remember to down load or order my new edition of Driftwood Island from Amazon, it’s even better than the first one!

Writer’s get do-overs, right?


Back in the sad, sad, dark-ages of writing, a writer would write a book. Edit that book like crazy. Give it to their editor, who would also edit the book like crazy. Then the book would get whisked away to the great and mighty publishing company, who would print the book and distribute it to all the little book stores of the realm.

Once the book was printed, it was as good as set in stone. There were no later edits. There was no adding in extra stuff. No changes at all. If you didn’t like how your book turned out, tough, it was going to stay that way until the end of time.

Or until a reprinting, whichever came first.

IMG_0128Then the age of book publishing enlightenment came!

Suddenly writers could have their book published as an e-book, and publishing didn’t take years, but as little as a few days. And the best thing about e-books was that they were flexible. If a writer decided that she wanted to change a few things in her book, she could just change it and re-submit it to be published.

Now I’ve found something even better than all that. I know it’s hard to believe, but now (at least with Createspace) you can do the same thing with your printed book too.

This is particularly great for me, because recently I’ve been reading through my first e-book and first printed book (Driftwood Island) and I’m finding a lot of things I’d like to change about it. It’s been a long while since I wrote that book, and in that time I’ve really grown and changed as a writer and I just don’t think that book really represents my writing very well.

But in this new age of being able to write and then re-write your novels, is it the right thing to do? Does it encourage writers to not be as careful in their writing or sloppy with their editing? Or does it help new writers improve their work as they grow? What’s your thoughts on this?

Please leave a comment below!

The writer that came in from the cold


My kitty kept me company while I was sick.

Actually it was the flu. That’s why I haven’t posted in 18 days. The cold and flu season has been really nasty in the Pacific Northwest and everyone has been getting sick. It doesn’t help that my paying job involves working with the public and all the germs that includes. Ah, if only I could make enough money with my writing to write full time! (At home) Then I could just hole myself up in my house for the cold and flu season and stay healthy all year long.

But not everything is bad in sniffle town. Having no energy to get up and go anywhere has given me the opportunity to finally sit down and edit a few things. One of the stories that I’m finishing the last of the editing on is my first horror story titled “It’s a stony road through Hell”.


It’s a story about a young artist who blames herself for her mother’s death, so she makes a deal with a devil to right her wrongs. She agrees to a three day marathon through hell. If she makes it, she gets her mother back. But this is hell and the road is twisted and dark.This novella pretty gory, which is a huge change from my usual kind of goofy style of writing.

I’m hoping to have it published into an ebook on Amazon in the next few weeks! Yay, I’m so excited! It’s been over a year since I published my most recent book,“Monster in the Basement” (wow, it’s been so long. What have I been doing with the time?) I haven’t decided on the cover art yet, but I will keep you all posted once I make a decision on that. And I will definitely give everyone a heads up once I have a solid publishing date. Because we all know what a publishing day means. . . FREE COPIES FOR EVERYONE!

I hope you all enjoy my new book, please stay tuned for future details.IMG_0128