Novel writing and screen writing: there really is a connection!

I found this great blog post, and I totally  thought you all would like to see it too. I’ve always thought that movies and novels were created in a similar fashion, and this interesting post explains how. Enjoy!

IT’S TELEVISION TUESDAY FOLKS! How to Write A 5 Day Novel with Scott King What did you take away from this video? Tell me in the comments!! Benjamin Thomas @thewritingtrain

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Bloggers are a dying breed?!


I’ve recently been going through my list of followers and popping in on their websites just to see what they’re up to. It started out pretty good at first. I got to see lots of really beautiful sites and read some really fantastic writing. I highly recommend this one,   the pictures and writing are so wonderful.

0813161358-01But slowly, one by one, something started marring my fun filled journey through my followers worlds. No, it wasn’t typos. It was the “Website could not be found” screen. Over and over again that nasty page kept popping up. After getting thoroughly annoyed, I decided to do a little investigating, and WordPress was right. These websites really were shut down. My follower’s blogs were dead. Dead! And I didn’t even get an invitation to the funeral.

I just can’t believe it, a blog is there one minute and gone the next. A blog’s life is so fragile, so fleeting!

To all the bloggers out there. After your blogs untimely demise, please remember to let loved ones in the blogging community know so they have the opportunity to mourn your blog’s passing. Maybe send a nice e-card. big thank you

When Do I Start Calling Myself a “Writer?”

I really thought this was a thought provoking post. It instantly got my brain churning with all the ways people can define and redefine what it is to be a writer and what a person has to achieve to be called a writer.

B.B. Morgan

That’s a trick question, right?

I had a writing professor as an undergrad that defined a “writer” as someone who got paid to write. I disagree. It’s like saying you’re not anything unless you get paid to do it. We are all a lot of things that we choose to be – I write because I enjoy it, not because I might get a dime or two out of it.

I think she meant it as a job title. No, I’m not a “writer” on my taxes. I’m a writer because I write in my spare time. I enjoy writing. My mom doesn’t get paid to garden, yet every summer she’s outside.

If you write, you are a writer by laws of English grammar. You don’t have to be published to consider yourself a writer. Maybe you keep your poems or stories in a shoe box or on a specially…

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