Time is a villain!

Washington state museum

Recently I haven’t really gotten a whole lot of writing done. I’ve had extra hours at work. My mom’s sick, so I’ve been visiting her more often. My house has been demanding some serious TLC (and so has my cat). And with all these extras, I’ve been forced to make choices with my limited time, like sleeping or writing (sleeping almost always wins, even if it means sneaking up on me while I’m writing!).

And I’ve decided that I wasn’t the one to blame for my lack of time, it was Time’s fault! The problem is that Time’s just been too stingy with me. 24 hours isn’t nearly enough time in a day. To fit all my daily tasks in, a day would need to be at least 35 hours long. Minimum wages have been going up, so why not minimum hours in a day?

I think we writers should protest! We should demand extra hours in our days. We creative types need the extra time to fit in all our extra creativity. Writer’s should unite, and stand up for our rights to over schedule ourselves! I call for all writers to march to our town halls (or maybe libraries?) for our rights!



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