A writer’s investment


That’s a big question. How much should a writer invest in making their dream career a reality? I don’t mean the kind of investment that includes time writing and the work involved in developing their skills, which is such a huge topic I would never try to tackle it in one blog post, I’m specifically talking about how much money to spend.

Most people (that aren’t writers) assume that becoming a writer must be one of the cheapest things to do. I know, I used to be one of them. After all, the only thing a writer needs is a pen and some paper, right? How could writing ever be expensive?


in need of a cat sitter!

Well, to start with, almost universally writers write on computers, which are not free. Then they need Internet access, because they will need to look something up about every five seconds. Then they’ll need big chunks of quiet time, which usually means babysitters or pet-sitters will need to be hired. Sometimes writers will go so far as to even rent a hotel room just so they can get away and get some writing done.

Of course, they’ll need to subscribe to a wide variety of publications to continue to hone their skills and to keep up to date with the writing community. The publications are rarely free. Not to mention they will want to buy plenty of books in their genre so they can see what their peers are writing.

And then when their manuscript is finally done, that’s only the beginning of the costs of being a writer. For indie writers, they have to start thinking about add campaigns and book store tours, both of which is paid for out of pocket. They can also drum up business by attending conventions. Again, these are rarely free and generally paid out of pocket.

For many, these costs just keep adding up and they find that they can’t afford to keep writing. Sad, isn’t it?

That’s why I think writer’s should see writing as a career like investing on the stock market. Don’t pay more out than you can afford to loose. Because, unfortunately there is no guarantee that all your efforts and financial investments will pay off.

Too bad there’s no such thing as writer’s insurance. So writers could pay one low monthly fee and the insurance would cover the expenses of a writing career. That would be awesome!

If you wish there was such a thing as writer’s insurance or if you’d just like to share your opinion on this, please leave a comment below.


4 thoughts on “A writer’s investment

  1. Amanda, this is an important topic but one that nobody ever talks about. Thanks for being brave enough to bring it up. I know there are many other expenses on the way to becoming a self-supporting writer, and one I would add to your list is professional photos or head shots. But worth it, IMO.

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