The writer writes again!: A matter of re-mastering.

Driftwood island new and improved cover

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I was re-editing my first book (Driftwood Island) and I was going to re-release it some time soon. Well, now it’s going to be really soon! I just got done editing the paperback version.

The book was so much easier to edit when I could actually hold it and flip through the pages. Until now, I had always done all my editing on the computer because I thought it was more convenient. But, it was really surprising how many things just didn’t look right once the book was printed out. I think from now on, I will be editing my books from a paper version before letting them go to print. I’m so glad I learned this handy little trick.

So, just a heads up. If you haven’t gotten a chance to read my first book in its original first edition, you really need to do that now, because it’s going away soon. Also remember to down load or order my new edition of Driftwood Island from Amazon, it’s even better than the first one!


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