Book promotion epic fail!

broken F bits4You may have noticed that I have my third book cover all over the place on my blog. I think I even mentioned in one of my blog posts that my third book (It’s a stony road through hell) was going to be published soon. . . . . . and then I said nothing.

Yeah, it totally got published an Amazon like months ago. And I told all of nobody. I was wondering why it wasn’t getting any attention, and then yesterday I noticed that it wasn’t with the rest of my books on my Chapter One page. And it wasn’t mentioned on my Novels page. And it doesn’t have any characters on my Characters page. Evidently, I never added it. When it came to promoting this book, I totally flaked out and did NOTHING! I have no idea why.

Well, it’s better late than never, so Surprise! My first horror novel It’s a stony road through hell is available on Amazon! You can read the first chapter of this book and any other book I’ve written by going to my Chapter One page.

Go directly to Amazon page


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