Fiverr Writer?


As you probably know from earlier posts, I’m currently looking for a side gig or two. So I was poking around on the Internets, and I found an article mentioning how a writer could sell their e-books on Fiverr. I had never heard anything about that before. This kind of caught my interest, because all of my books have an e-book version. Also, if I sold my e-books for $5, then they would be going for a higher price on Fiverr than they were on Amazon. More money is always nice.

Driftwood island new and improved cover

My biggest concern is, do people actually go book shopping on Fiverr? I have some serious doubts about that. It’s just not the kind of place I would go to pick up a good book. I don’t think any of my friends go shopping on Fiverr for books either. So who (if anybody) does go book shopping on Fiverr and are they the type of person that would like my books?

monster in the basement smash words cover

I’ve tried investigating the Fiverr website to find some answers, and it took my inner Ludite about five seconds to recoiled from the sleek, efficient automatedness of it all. The site seemed like it was designed only for techy type people, which I am not. After going around in circles for about an hour, I gave up and ran to someplace that was more my speed. My blog.

Please feel free to share your writing experiences with Fiverr in the comment area below!


4 thoughts on “Fiverr Writer?

  1. I’ve never attempted to use them to market my books; only for graphic services. The most popular places to put up your e-books are probably still the main 3–amazon, nook and i-books. However, I am considering using Fiverr to develop a couple of ads for me and set up my website to draw more buyers. I will let you know how that works out.

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