A writer’s lifeline


I recently had a small electrical fire at my house and it kind of killed the electricity to my bedroom. So, no lights, no heat, and most importantly no computer.

I never realized how completely my  life as a writer revolves around my computer. I never writer things by hand anymore. Why bother with the hand cramps when typing is so much easier and faster. I used to carry around a little notebook to jot down story ideas, now I just have my phone send an email to myself, thinking that I can work on it at home. Now all those emails are piling up for no one to read.

Blogging used to be a quick, fun little thing I did when I had a free hour. Now I have to make appointments to barrow a friend’s computer. Working on my novel has come to a grinding halt. I just joined a reading group on Goodreads (to find readers on the down low) and now I can’t even participate! Seriously, I’m going a little crazy being without my beloved computer, and it’s only been a few days.

Writers have NANOWRIMO as a month long celebration of all writingdom, but I think we should also have a special day to worship the all mighty computer. Without it our kind shrivels up and dies!


3 thoughts on “A writer’s lifeline

  1. Don’t be discouraged! Notebooks work too! I like the composition books with the sewn in pages. You can always print out what you have out, hand write all the new stuff, and then type it up once you have power back. I have a manual typewriter in case of black outs. Just in case. Also, I love it. It dings at the end of each line, which I find motivational. Another idea: get a nice pen. I have a nice $20 cross pen that I use which writes really smoothly and cuts down on hand cramps. Keep writing anyway!

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