Writers finding readers


I’ve spent about a year trying to find someone that actually wanted to read my books. I carefully read book marketing manuals. I scouted out writer forums and websites. And, as you know, I’ve been loyally posting on my blog weekly.

According to all the books I’ve read on the subject, I should be doing great by now. I should have a small but loyal following. I should have at least a few reviews on Amazon and on the sites of other venders where my books are sold. I should have gotten at least one fan letter by now. It’s been over a year after all. img_0229

Yeah, that hasn’t really happened.

For the longest time I just couldn’t figure it out. Maybe I was just unlucky with writing? Maybe my writing wasn’t that good? I didn’t know.

Then a couple days ago, while I was enjoying a good whining party with my friend, my friend pointed out that I spent all my time chatting and connecting with other writers.

“Yeah, so. That’s what I’m supposed to do. I am  a writer.” I pointed out.

“But what time are you spending with readers? Those are the people you want attention from, aren’t they?” She asked me.

It seriously wasn’t until someone pointed it out, that I realized the problem. With all my posting and commenting and tweeting and “being involved” how did I manage to miss the most important part?

So this year I’m going to spend my time hunting down readers! I have no clue where I’m going to find them, but they have to be out there somewhere. It’s funny, I’ve spent so much time in my nice comfy and accepting writing community, I never even thought of looking for another one to share my books with.book-shelf-2

I think that might be a problem for other writers too. The on-line writing community is such a warm, welcoming one that some writers might never leave it. Unfortunately, neither does their books.

If you know of a great readers community, please feel free to share in the comment area!



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