Oh my GOD, I’m in print!


I seriously never thought this would happen!

I’ve tried to get Createspace to work for me nearly a dozen  times. No matter what I did, Createspace always said that my formatting was wrong and it couldn’t accept my manuscript. Half of the time I was using the template they gave me, so how could it be wrong? Not to mention all the crazy printing stuff I had to learn just to muddle through the submission process. I spent weeks one summer just trying to figure it out, and in the end, I still couldn’t get the silly website to print my books.


And then yesterday, I just happen to be poking through my Amazon direct publishing account (to get ready for the publication of my new book It’s a stony road through Hell) when I noticed a new little option for each of my published ebooks. It was the option to make a paperback edition! Needless to say, after the trauma of dealing with Createspace, I was a little skiddish approaching this new fangle option. But in the end I decided to click on the button anyway.

Driftwood island new and improved cover

Wow, Wow, Wow! The Amazon version of paperback printing is so much easier it’s scary! The cover editor function of the website is a dream to use! I could even still use some of my own photography for the cover instead of being forced to use crappy stock images. And it accepted my manuscript the first time I submitted it, no having to resubmit it over and over again for hours! Best of all, the templates the Amazon site gave  me were actually compatible with the Amazon website.

So, long story short, my first book Driftwood Island is now available in print! If you can, Please, Please, Please pick up a copy, look it over, and tell me what you think. Is it a good size? Do you like the cover? How do you like the pages?

Thanks everyone, and happy reading!


Click here to go directly to the book page on Amazon!



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