I’m not a fan?!

broken heart in two 3

Disney princesses around the world are crying! Their long time fan as failed them. Sorry Ariel, Belle, Mulan, I really tried to get into the story, but this icy tale just isn’t for me.

See, I’ve never watched the Disney movie Frozen. I was busy with college classes when it first came out in the theaters, and I just never got around to seeing it. This is pretty unusual for me, because I’m a really big fan of the Disney princesses. I grew up watching The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast,  and I continued to watch the princess movies long after it was age appropriate.


But tonight everything just seemed to come together, so I could finally see Frozen. A local TV channel was airing it at just the right time that I would be back from work (I tend to get home late) but not so late that I wouldn’t be able to stay up to see the ending. And there was nothing else I needed to do tonight. (Thank God Christmas shopping is over with!) So, this was going to be perfect. I mean, I really liked the theme song “Let it go” (I even have a post by that title) and this movie was so popular when it first came out. So, this was going to be great, right? right?

Um, not so much.    broken F bits4

I guess the writer in me just couldn’t help but get hung-up on some glaring storytelling problems in this movie. For one thing, having two protagonists is rarely a good idea, it almost always dilutes the story. And there was plenty of action, but where was the character development? There didn’t seem to be a clear plot goal or even a clear villain. There wasn’t really any story structure either. And what’s with the random characters that just seem to exist to fill plot holes, like the trolls and Hans. The third act was truly cringe worthy. Like how the story needed a villain to come to a classic Disney end, so surprise, suddenly Hans becomes evil! Huh?

I just really feel like Disney didn’t even try to write a good story for this movie.

Sorry, Disney princesses, this is one princess movie I won’t be re-watching. Maybe Moana will be better?


One thought on “I’m not a fan?!

  1. “…so surprise, suddenly Hans becomes evil! Huh?” Yep. My reaction exactly. See, I think one out of two things happened to poor Hans: 1) The writers wanted to match him up with Anna, but then decided to go with the “sister love power and don’t marry the first nice guy you meet ” thing. So, Hans had to be turned evil to prove a point. Or 2) The writers really, really wanted his “Oh, yah. I’m evil all of a sudden” to be a mind-exploding moment. Something that no one could see coming.

    And…Am I the only one who would love to see a Disney animated feature where the hero doesn’t have a cute, cuddly sidekick? ….. Is it just me? I’ll be honest. I know why the CCS exists. It’s so the MC has someone to talk to on long journeys or whatnot. Still. It would be an interesting change of pace. 😉


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