Podcasts podcrash

IMG_0244I listened to a writing podcast for the first time yesterday.

See, how it all started was I injured my arm while riding a bus. I went to work anyway, but my boss said that my swollen and useless arm was making him look bad in front of the customers, so I was sent home. I can’t really write with just one hand (at least not in any major way) so I was stuck at home doing nothing. It took me a while to figure out something constructive to do that I didn’t need to use my hands for, but eventually I came up with podcasts. I don’t need hands if I’m just sitting there listening to something.

I found three of them that had appealing description  blurbs, so I listened to one episode each, just to see which I liked best and would follow. I thought podcasts would be like blogs only in an audio format. I thought I would find the same kind of community and topics, but that wasn’t really the case.

IMG_0239For one thing, podcasters seem to be a lot more boisterous than bloggers. There also seems to be more filler and chitchat in podcasts than in blogs. It’s like the difference between conversations and dialog. It’s not really bad, it’s just different.

One comment that really surprised me was when the host of one podcast mentioned that you shouldn’t submit your work to any contest or publishing company until your sure it’s the best work you can do and it can’t get any better. And you’ll just know when your work is perfect. The other podcaster he was interviewing agreed with him.

I thought that was a really strange thing to say. I’ve never thought that any of my work couldn’t be improved in some way. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever done anything in my whole life that I honestly thought couldn’t be a little better. Maybe podcasters are just more sure of themselves? I don’t know, I think I fit in with the blogger crowd a little better.


P.S. sorry for any typos in this post, I’m trying to write it with one hand. Not fun!


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