The editor is in!


I’m not like a regular editor, I’m a writer first.

When I was taking my editor classes I was really surprised about the teacher’s and many of the student’s opinions on editor/author relationships. They definitely saw themselves as the authorities, “the people in charge” and writers as the unruly employees that they had to whip into shape and fix all their work. I thought that was all wrong. Why would the editors be the bosses when it’s the writers that do all the work? I don’t think an editor should fix a writer’s work, because it doesn’t need to be fixed in the first place. When a writer creates a novel, it’s their work of art. Would it be okay to take a ruler and maker to a Picasso to fix it?

As a fellow writer, I believe that you’ve already written your story, how you wanted it, in your own words. As an editor, I’m just going to help you polish it so that everyone can enjoy it.


I’m not going to focus on grammar, I’m going to focus on clarity. This might sound completely crazy for an editor to do, but very few readers care if the novel they’re reading is grammatically correct. Most readers won’t even notice. And aren’t most authors writing for readers, not for editors? So, in my opinion, if the sentence makes sense, grammatical or not, it stays. They are the words you chose, so they are the best words for your story.

What I am going to do is find the typos, because when you are typing a thousand¬† words a minute, typos happen. They happen to everyone, even the most seasoned pros. Also, I’ll give you some suggestions that you might want to consider during your rewrite.

img_0233Maybe there’s a writing technique you didn’t even think of that would work well in a scene that’s dragging a little bit? Maybe there’s a bit of dialog that sounds a little stiff, and I know a tip that can help that? I’m not going to take a machete and whack your work of art to bits. I’m going to look for spots you might be having trouble with, and give you the tools you need to improve your own writing in your own words.

The being said, I am currently accepting submissions for light editing, free of charge! Just click on the Send me a manuscript! tab at the top of the home page or click here! Follow the 10,000 word limit, please. I’m most interested in Young Adult and Adult fiction in the Sci-fi, paranormal genre, but I will read almost anything! Please no erotica/porn.


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