So simple, I never thought of it

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At the end of one of my little writing classes, my professor pointed out some quick and simple ways to market a freshly written novel. Most of the tips I already did, like having a website and writing a blog, but one of the tips was so simple I honestly never even thought of it.


He suggested having bookmarks made with your book cover image and your author name on them and then just put them in every book that moves through your hands. Return a book to the library? Stuff a bookmark in there before you do. Donating some books to a “little library” or Goodwill? Make sure there’s a bookmark in each one. People who like books tend to like bookmarks, and it’s cheep advertising.

Seriously, why didn’t I ever think of that!

monster in the basement smash words cover

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Anyway, it was such a good tip I thought I would pass it along to everyone else.

Happy writing!



2 thoughts on “So simple, I never thought of it

  1. I bought a box of business cards on VistaPrint. You can design them yourself. On the front side, I put a picture of my book cover, which has the title and my name on it. On the other side, I put a very short summary to rile interest. I carry them with me wherever I go. I leave them on tables or in books or hand them out to people who seem even somewhat interested. I haven’t done it as much as intended, but I do love the notion. If anything, it guarantees they won’t forget my book title if they were wanting to read it. You know how that goes. “Oh, someone was telling me about their book today and I completely forgot what it was called!” And no on ever remembers the name of someone they just met. 😛 Business cards cost a wee bit extra to print two sides, but I got $500 of them for about $30. They’re buried somewhere in my blog now, but if you want to see one, just email me ( Great idea! –S.K. Balk

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