Authors on the Playground/ Third party revenge

IMG_0228You probably remember from an earlier post that I’ve been submitting my writing to for critiques. I’ve gotten plenty of bad reviews on a lot of my writing. Not fun! But my most recent submission, a horror short story,  actually did pretty well. Everyone seemed to really like it, though they did point out some typos that I hadn’t noticed. So, an all around good experience.


That is, until the last critique rolled in.

Doom, doom, doom!


He was brutal. According to him, everything was wrong about my writing. From word one, he hated it, even the title! But half of his complaints were completely invalid, and the other half didn’t even make sense. And, yes, they were complaints and not critique notes.

His critique was so intensely negative, my first thought was that I must have done something to piss him off. So I went onto Scriblophile and checked to see if maybe I had given him a review he didn’t like (though I try very hard to be as gentle as possible with my critiques) and I found nothing. I had never reviewed, critiqued, commented, or even looked at his writing before.

Then I thought that maybe he was a really good writer and he was seeing problems with my writing that I just couldn’t understand yet. So, I went and read his latest posted work.

. . . . . . . . . .


Okay, his writing totally sucked. Though grammatically correct, it read like a math manual.

Still very confused, I decided to scroll down and read the reviews from other writers to see what they thought. They all agreed, his writing pretty much sucked. They were kind of harsh (though completely justified) in their reviews. As I was reading more and more of the critiques, things started to sound really familiar.

Hey, these critiquers are complaining about the same things in his writing that he was complaining about in my writing!

At first I thought he was just being a hypocrite, but then I started finding lines in these reviews that were word-for-word the exact same as what he wrote for my review.

That’s when I finally understood. He got pissed at those reviewers, so he went and took it out on me. My two-year-old niece does stuff like that. I would have sent him a message telling him to grow up, but according to his profile he’s in his seventies, so if he was going to act like an adult he probably would have started by now.IMG_0229

Well, as long as he doesn’t start throwing toys at me or hogging the swings, I guess I can just ignore him.   : (


Toys- Not to be thrown!


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