Sorry, this post is temporarily unavailable do to the Olympics!

IMG_0228The sports-personship, the majesty, the Olympics! I’m not a huge sports fan. I turn up my nose to American football, I poo-poo baseball, and groan at basketball, but I loooooovvvve the Olympics. There are so many things to watch and there’s so many countries to cheer for. Yay, Olympics! My summertime bliss that only comes by every four years.

And it’s not easy being a die-hard Olympic fan. I’ve been suffering from a sore butt from sitting on the couch too long, and sore hands from clapping too hard, and a sore throat from cheering too loud.


And the hours are grueling! The competitions start at about seven in the morning and last until well passed midnight. I haven’t gotten more than four hours of sleep per night in over a week! But I can’t stop now, I still have days left to go. And these athletes need me. Who else will cheer on that ping-pong player from Tobago that’s competing at three in the morning? Me and his mom. And I’m not about to abandon her to cheer all alone!

So bring it Taiwanese golfer! Compete as hard as you can Tobagin ping-pong player! Don’t give up gymnast from India! I will be cheering for you as loud as I can 24/7!

Oh, and writing, yeah that will have to wait.IMG_0230


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