The long and short of it

IMG_0128As you probably know by now, I’ve been working on my third novel for quite some time. “cough, cough” Ten months “cough, cough“. I’ve been typing it out daily, the manuscript has been getting longer and longer, and the story hasn’t really been progressing much. With this little problem on my mind, I was grumbling to my brother a few days ago about hamsters and going nowhere.

donuts box

Writer hamster’s favorite food!

The first thing out of his mouth is about this author he heard about that’s doing just great, making lots and lots of money. (I roll my eyes.) And this author only sells his book in ebook format, just like me. (I roll my eyes some more.)And he sells his book on Amazon, just like me. (More eye rolling.) Just as my brother was about to ooze more praise out for this author dude, I cut him off and pointed out that selling an ebook isn’t as easy as it looks and it isn’t half as easy as people will tell you.


That’s when my brother admitted that the author he was talking about didn’t get much for any one of his books. (See, I was right!) But, since the author had written 180 books, it didn’t really matter.

“Wait, how many books?”

“One hundred and eighty,” my brother repeated.

“One, eight, zero? Are you sure?” I asked again.

My brother insisted that it was the right amount.

“Then, how old is the guy, like four hundred or something?”

“Nope, he wrote them all in three years,” my brother claimed.

“NO, just NO! No human being could write that many books in three years. Even if he had squid arms, he couldn’t have typed them up that fast!”


Then my brother explained that each book was only ten thousand words long and the author typed up one a week. Without the long writing time of a full length novel, the author could get lots of feedback from readers, and he learned to drop his bad writing habits and improve his writing much faster.

The little wheels in my head were turning.

Hmm, feedback from readers. Now didn’t I mention recently that I wanted feedback?

I had always been told by writing experts and such, that serious writers write full length novels. But, maybe the best place for me to start out is in short stories? I already write short stories for fun, maybe I should start publishing them more seriously? It’s certainly something to think about.


Itty bitty book!


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