Me and hampsters

IMG_0133I’ve had the strangest week. For the whole week I’ve been working like crazy on my writing career, but oddly enough, I haven’t actually written a single word for my third novel, and haven’t written any short stories or flash fiction either. It’s like I’ve been running as fast as I can on a great big wheel, going nowhere. It’s exhausting.

On sale at Amazon and Barns and Noble                       On sale now at Amazon and Barns and Noble

I haven’t had anytime to write, I’ve been too busy signing up for new writing classes, and researching magazines I can submit short stories to, and submitting stuff I have already written to my new online critique group, and putting my first two books on sale on Smashwords, and researching how to improve my sales, and researching the steps it takes to be a freelance writer/blogger, and writing up book ideas for future writing, and starting up a new blog (I know, it’s an addiction) and, and, sooo much other writing related crap too.

In case you’re wondering, yes I am hyperventilating at this very moment!

Seriously, how do professional writers get anything written?

book shelf 2

I mean, yeah, a lot of my time was gobbled up by my day job (gotta pay the bills somehow) but ALL my free time was used on writing related stuff and I didn’t actually write anything!


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