It’s my birthday!

0619162208-01At least it’s my blogs birthday. Starting July 7th this blog will be one whole year old! My posts have changed a lot since the first one. I’m so proud of how much my little blog sprout has grown! I’m also really happy that my blog has gained a lot of followers and so many people have liked my posts. Honestly, when I first started this blog, I didn’t really think that anyone would read it. I kind of thought that I didn’t really need to try that hard to make good posts because no one would see them anyway. I’m really glad people started reading what I was saying, because it pushed me to try harder to make something that people would want to read.

Some highlights of the year:

The release of not one but two books! Driftwood Island and Monster in the Basement.

A few cover art releases and then even more cover art!

Joining my first writing class!

Writing lots of short stories!




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