Life of a song 2


You might remember from an earlier post, that I was making playlists for some of the characters in my novels. The first part of this post series featured songs that Alley, the main character of my first novel Driftwood Island would like and also songs that inspired me as I was writing her scenes.

This is the playlist I made for the main character of the novel I am currently working on. Also it’s a little teaser.


Hero’s playlist:

Titanium– David Guetta/Sia, Nightcore remix

I’m just your problem– OST, Adventure time

Dollhouse– Melanie Martinez

I’m gonna show you crazy– Bebe Rexha, Nightcore remix

I will never let you down– Rita Ora

Waiting for superman– Daughtry

With a capital T– Nightcore

Bad behavior– Jedward

Listen and enjoy!




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