The good news, the bad, and the ugly

book shelf 2

As you probably remember from my earlier post, I’ve started taking writing classes to improve my work. Well, I just started taking this new plot structure class, and it’s really interesting and informative and I’m learning all this stuff I’d never even heard of before. I really like it.


Is this house missing something?

Unfortunately yesterday I got some bad news. The third novel I’ve been slaving over for months and months, the one I’ve been so determined to finish no matter what. Yeah, when I applied an actual story structure to it, it just kind of falls apart. Structurally speaking, my novel is a disaster. It’s kind of like I tried to build the framework of a house but left half of the supporting walls out. One little poke and “Crash, Flop” the whole thing comes tumbling down.


Rubble of my toppled novel

But there is the tiniest glimmer of good news in the rubble of my toppled novel. First of all, I don’t have to throw the whole novel out, I just need to do some serious editing and throw my whole ending out. Second, the worry that I was stuck in the never ending second chapter is all wrong. If I throw my chapter borders out and just use plot structure, I’m actually much farther along in my story than I thought. So instead of being trapped in the beginning of my book, I’m actually sailing along about half way through, which is kind of nice. But it means I have a whole lot more work a head of me. (Sigh!)

Pesky learning and knowing stuff! I think I was happier thinking that I was just writing a really long novel.


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