Addicted to love, a writer’s dilemma

IMG_0204I mentioned in an earlier post that I was starting a new writing class. My first writing class, just for me, ever! Needless to say, I was really nervous. What if I couldn’t keep up? What if everyone was smarter and better at writing than me? What if they were mean and snooty? What if I’m jumping into something huge and it ends up being way over my head?

What I never thought was- what if I’ve accidentally wandered into the kiddy wading pool? Maybe I should have.


It’s not nearly as deep as it looks.

I signed up for a class titled “Beginning writing”. I thought it was an over view of foundation skills for authors.

Ya know, just so I could polish up my basic novel writing skills.

What I got was talking about what writing was and where creativity came from.

Psh, creativity? I’ve got that by the bucket load! I can’t walk five steps with out nearly drowning in creativity!

I mean, I wanted the basics, but everything is just Sooo basic in this class.


If my class bottled this feeling, I would bathe in it.

Normally, I would ask for my money back, and just walk my little self out of there, but there’s this teeny, itty,  bitty little problem. Those mean, scary class members that I was so worried about? Yeah, they are the  nicest people ever! And they are so supportive. And they think my writing is just swell. And it just feels so good to be around them. It’s kind of like being surrounded by playful, fluffy  little puppies, I know I don’t belong there, but, but, it’s just so hard to leave.

I had no idea praise could be that addictive.



One thought on “Addicted to love, a writer’s dilemma

  1. We struggle in silence for so long sometimes, that it’s nice to hear that what we do is good, and to feel that sense of community and acceptance. I fully support finding a writers group, one that works for you. This group could be the beginning of one. Enjoy it!

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