I fought the tech, and the tech won!

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Awe, two weeks ago, I was so young back then, so naive.

You might remember from a earlier post that I was planning on up grading my site to be self hosted with custom ads and the like. You might have also noticed that it’s been about two weeks and that still hasn’t happened.
Weeeeeeell, it ends up, it’s a lot more technical than I thought it was to self host a website.

It started out with signing up for my Bluehost  account. You would think it would be fairly straight forward (or at least I thought it would be) but when I got the confirmation email, the bill was (Wow!) a lot more expensive than I thought it would be. So I called up their very friendly tech support people to ask what happened. It ends up there was a little drop down box that I didn’t click when I signed up, the it auto-signed me up for three years of web hosting instead of one. Surprise! So, I had to go back and fix that.


Books (unlike those nasty computers) they never let me down.

Then I was supposed to transfer my domain name. . . . . (Can you hear that? It’s a horror movie soundtrack playing) Three days of online tutorials and a half dozen phone calls later, I finally got the silly thing transfered. That experience taught me  two things, that domain name transfers are harder than they should be, and that I don’t know beans about web developing.

But I had started this fight with technology and come hell or high water, I was going to finish it! Little did I know at that point that technology was a lot more scrappy than I gave it credit for.

So, next up was transferring (migrating) the actual website. . . . . After three  more days of FTP’s and SQL’s, it ended up that technology was a lot tougher than I was.  In that time I realized that I had two choices, I could spend the next three months studying web development or I could just hire someone to do all the hard stuff for me. Guess which one I chose? That’s right, I threw in the towel. Technology had beaten me, now all I wanted to do was cower in a corner and let someone  else fight the good fight. Too bad the people at Bluehost wanted to be paid for that fighting, and they wanted to be paid well (or at least more than what I could afford). But if I didn’t hire somebody, I was letting the evil technology win!

donuts box

I think I’ll heal my war wounds with a donut or three.

So just as I was trying to figure out how to hold video interviews for third party web developers, I finally remembered that this all began with me wanting to have a nifty Smashwords insta-buy button on my website.  That’s all I really wanted. . . . . and somewhere along the way it had blown up into a full war on technology, with a lot more expense, time, and stress than I ever wanted.

That’s when I decided to just step back, cancel my hosting account and go back to where I was in the beginning. I am a writer, not a tech person. I don’t want to be a tech person, so maybe I should just focus on writing and not worry so much about nifty icons on my website. I know I made the right decision, because the moment I made that choice, it felt like  a huge weight was taken off my shoulders.

And that’s why you don’t see a nifty custom ads on my side bar.


3 thoughts on “I fought the tech, and the tech won!

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  2. Did you ask Smashwords for a code that you can input on your site? I asked PayPal and they gave me the code at no charge. (I confess, it did take me about 10 tries to get it right) but if Smashwords text support is good you should be able to do it.


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