Spot light on Madeline

I would really love for everyone to get to know the people in my novels a little better, so I thought it might be fun if I interviewed the lead roles in the stories. I’m planning for this to be a multi-week blog article featuring Driftwood Island‘s Alley and Skyler, and also Monster in the Basement‘s Madeline and Archer. And then I’ll (hopefully) wrap it all up by introducing my two newest characters from my third book No place for fairy tales. I hope you enjoy this special feature article. Happy reading!monster in the basement smash words cover


Me: Please let me introduce Madeline, the lead girl hero of Monster in the Basement. Welcome!

Madeline: Thank you. (spends a few seconds smoothing out her pleated skirt and adjusting her tie after sitting down)

Me: Wow, you even wore your uniform today.IMG_0158

Madeline: Yeah I was feeling nostalgic, besides I kind of got used to wearing poop colored clothes.

Me: Yeah, sorry about writing that into the book.

Madeline: You should be.

Me: Okay, let’s move on to the questions, and then maybe I could talk to both of you.

Madeline: Both of us? Oh no, you didn’t invite him did you!?

Me: You mean Archer? Well, he is kind of important to the story.

Archer: And I couldn’t let you suffer through this all alone, my Cuppy-cake, Sweety-pie! (he bounds across the room, and scoops Madeline up in a hug)

Madeline: First the poop colored clothes and now this. (She glares at me, still trapped in his hug)

Me: What? He seems friendly.IMG_0136

Archer: Of course I’m friendly. Me and Madeline are going to be together forever and ever and ever’n ever. (he rubs his cheek on the top of Madeline’s head)

Madeline: (grumbles and tries to break out of the hug.)

Archer: (wraps his arms around her in a even more convoluted fashion, and chuckles evilly)

Madeline: (silently glares at me)

Me: Okay, now for the questions. Madeline, what is your favorite song?

Archer: Oo, oo, I know this one! Her favorite song is Tiptoes by Jayme Dee.

Madeline: (wiggles free enough to grab a spray bottle and whistle out of her purse)

Madeline: This is my interview and I’m going to answer the questions!

Madeline: (she blows the whistle loudly and than sprays water at Archer’s head until he releases her)

Madeline: Back, back! Now sit. (she points to the chair next to her’s and tweets the whistle again) Sit!

Me: You’ve brought a spray bottle and whistle. . . . to an interview?IMG_0194

Madeline: Yeah, I thought he might show up. Last week I found this great puppy training book that recommended whistles and water spritzers as good tools for teaching dogs to stop jumping up on people. I think they work pretty good. (she points the spray bottle menacingly at Archer, he leans away and winces).

Archer: You have no idea how damp my last week as been.

Me: (nervously scoots chair away from Madeline, and hopefully out of her spray radius)

Me:Okay, let’s get back to those questions.

Madeline: Oh right, my favorite song is Jaded by Aerosmith.

Archer: What!? Madeline, you’re so mean. You see the way she treats me! (covers his face with his arms and sobs dramatically and loudly. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t actually crying)

Madeline: Hey, stop that! Don’t make me spritz you again.

Archer: (instantly stops and lowers his arm, there’s no sign of tears ever being on his face)

Archer: (sticks out his lower lip and pouts at Madeline, blinking non-teary eyes at her)

Madeline: (rolls her eyes) Okay, fine my favorite song is Arms by Christina Perri. Are you happy now? (she asks Archer)

Archer: I can live with that.

Madeline: Okay, I’m ready for the next question. And I’m answering it! ( she points the spray bottle menacingly at Archer again)

Archer: Of course, my sweet.

Madeline: And no butting in this time, Archer, I mean it.

Archer: Me, butt in? I wouldn’t dream of it, my little fuzzle buns.IMG_0146

Madeline: ( she gives him one more squinty eyed look and then turns to me)

Madeline: Okay, I’m ready, what’s the next question? Ask it quick, before his changes his mind.

Me: Um. . . actually we seem to be out of time. (nervously scooting my chair away from them) But it was really nice talking to you both.

Madeline: We’ll talk again some other time, right?

Me: Gee, I’ve been really busy lately. I’ll have to check my schedule.

Madeline: This is all your fault, I know it. (she spritzes Archer in the head one more time before leaving in a huff)

Archer: (blinks a few times, calmly squeegees water off of his face)

Archer: So, when’s my interview?

Me: Um. . . . . let me get back to you about that.


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