Spotlight on Skyler!

I would really love for everyone to get to know the people in my novels a little better, so I thought it might be fun if I interviewed the lead roles in the stories. I’m planning for this to be a multi-week blog article featuring Driftwood Island‘s Alley and Skyler, and also Monster in the Basement‘s Madeline and Archer. And then I’ll (hopefully) wrap it all up by introducing my two newest characters from my third book No place for fairy tales. I hope you enjoy this special feature article. Happy reading!

Interview 2/6

SkylerDriftwood island new and improved cover

Me: I’d like to introduce the hero of Driftwood Island, Skyler. It’s so nice to talk to you.

Skyler: (nods in reply)

Me: I’ll ask some of the same questions that I asked Ally, okay?

Skyler: (nods again)

Me: So, what’s your favorite song?

Skyler: I’m alive.

Me: By Becca?

Skyler: (nods again)

Alley: Smile, Skyler, smile! (she’s yelling from across the studio)IMG_0212

Skyler: (looks no less grim)

Me: What’s your perfect pizza?

Skyler: I don’t eat pizza.

Alley: He’s a health nut! (still yelling)

Me: Okay, what’s your favorite thing to eat then?

Skyler: Pickled seaweed.

Alley: It’s gross! (still yelling)

Me: Alley, why don’t you join Skyler.

Alley: Well, I don’t want to intrude. (she runs over, sits right next to Skyler, and loops her arm through his.)

Me: Nope, not intruding at all.

Me: So, Skyler, what was your favorite part of your adventure?IMG_0251

Skyler: Not getting eaten, that was definitely a plus for me.

Alley: Hey, you’re supposed to say meeting me was the best thing! (she pinches him in the arm)

Skyler: Meeting you was more like getting caught in a storm.

Alley: Hey, so mean!

Skyler: At times it was kind of terrifying, but it was also amazing.

Alley: Awe. (hugs Skyler)

Me: Last question, if you could change anything that you did in your adventure, what would it be?

Skyler: I don’t think I would have trusted Darla.

Alley: You should have definitely not trusted Darla, she was crazy!toadstool log 1

Skyler: She had some good qualities.

Alley: Nope, not a one.

Me: Okay, great talking to you Skyler. We will probably see you again later.


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