Wait, they actually liked it!???

IMG_0133Yesterday I opened my e-mail to find something completely unexpected, from a completely unexpected place, about an unexpected subject.

A really long time ago (like months and months) I submitted my first book “Driftwood Island” to a book club website for review. It languished on the to-be-review shelve, time passed, and I pretty much forgot all about it.

And then for seemingly no reason, I got an e-mail notifying me that someone had reviewed it. My immediate reaction when I read that was, “They did what? Why?”.

book shelf 2At the bottom of the e-mail, it said that I could go to the book club website and see what the reviewer had to say about my book. At first I was curious, what kind of strange creature would happen upon my book, and for no particular reason, try to read it? But as I clicked my way to the review, dread slowly started to seep into my thoughts.

It was my first book. I made so many mistakes that I really wished I had fixed before publishing. Surely the reviewer hated it. What if the reviewer was really mean? I might never get over it. I was one click away, and having very serious thoughts about not reading what they thought and just pretending that I didn’t even see that book club e-mail. I sat there for a really long time, just staring at the computer screen, worrying about how bad it was going to be.

Then I clicked on the last link, and. . . .and. . . . .

IMG_0128They actually liked it!

There was no reason for them to say all those wonderful things, I didn’t pay them a penny, but they liked the story, they really did! And they got the sub-plot. And they read it to the end. And, and, there is just no words for how happy I was that someone read my work and liked it!

I’ve felt like I was walking on a cloud all day long!

So, if you want to read this super awesome, amazing, fantastic, great review check it out at this link!

And I want to send a very special thank you to katemichael, for the awesomest review ever!big thank you


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