Alice is where?

Warning Super Spoilers!


It looked so good in the book store

So, I read “Alice in Zombie land” by Gena Showalter. I like the story “Alice in Wonderland“, I like zombies, and I kind of remember reading some other book by Gena Showalter, and I kind of remember liking it, so it was going to be a great book, right?


I don’t like saying bad things about other people’s work, and I’m sure she worked really hard on this book, but it did have some problems.

First let me start with what was good about the book.


It was sooooooo pretty!

The most obvious thing was the cover art. Seriously gorgeous! And not just the front, the back of the book looked awesome too, and the attention to detail was really impressive. I loved the playing card symbols on the border, and that little detail goes perfectly with the title of the book.

Which leads right to the first problem of the book.

The title.

The title says Zombie land, yet there really isn’t any zombies in the book. The zombies were actually just ghosts. I mean, I like ghosts too, but when I buy a book that has the words Zombie land in the title, I kind of expect zombies to be in the book.


It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting!

But the book isn’t only about the zombies (or ghosts) it’s about the main character too.

Which brings me to the second problem with the book.

The main character wasn’t that bad, she was just kind of (waves hands around my head in a strange pattern). . . . . Vague. There just wasn’t a whole lot of character to the main character. I didn’t really see any real motivation, she just kind of did things for no obvious reason.

Sorry, I think I should probably stop right there. This review is drifting in a bad direction. I’m trying to be nice in this review, but I think I’m failing miserably. I mean Showalter is a famous author, and I’m sure there are lots of people out there that have read this book and think it’s perfectly fine.


I don’t get it, I usually love all my books equally, why don’t I like this one?

And I would love to hear from them!

Maybe they could point out something amazing, spectacular, and awe-inspiring about this book, that I am just not seeing.



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