A writer’s life is in the bottom of a bottle

IMG_0265Water bottle that is. See, my evening kind of went like this, I had just visited my parents (they live on an island) and I was parked in line waiting for the ferry that would take me back to the main land. I’m sitting in my car watching the ferry sail into the dock when I reach down to my  cup holder. But something is horribly wrong, the cup holder is empty, my water bottle is gone. I instantly remember that I left it on my parents coffee table.

And I think, “it’s okay, I have other water bottles”.

But that one is my favorite water bottle.

I’ll come back for it tomorrow, I can survive one day with out it.

But that water bottle is extra tough and bouncy.

The ferry is right here, I can’t drive all the way back for it now.

But the flappy lid, I love that flappy lid.

No, if I leave the dock now, I will definitely miss the ferry!

IMG_0266But if I don’t have my water bottle, I won’t drink as much water, and then I’ll get dehydrated, and then I’ll get a headache, and then I won’t be able to think, and then I won’t be able to write, and then I’ll go crazy.

No, I need my babby!

(I mean my completely adult, sophisticated water bottle that I use for health).

So I raced back to my parents house, busted in the door snagged my bottle and sprinted back to my car. I didn’t say anything to them and I’m not even sure I closed their front door behind me. Breaking way too many traffic laws, I managed to zip back down to the ferry and be the last car on board.

Regardless of how crazy I may have seemed at the time, I don’t regret a thing.IMG_0264

FYI, yes I am planning on sleeping with my sophisticated adult water bottle tonight (for health reasons!).


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