Have you herd from me?


No person is an island. Bummer, right?

If three is a crowd, than six must be a herd! Ever since I started trying to be a writer, almost everyone has told me that one of the most important things in the writing biz is to be well connected. Every time I look for writing tips, the first one is always “Be more connected”. So I finally sat down and thought about exactly how connected was I? I have a website (of course) and an author’s e-mail, and a Facebook account, and a Twitter account, and a Goodreads account, and now people are telling me that I need a Reddit account too.

Six, that’s six different accounts that I would need to manage. I’d have a herd of connectivity!


The wee little island of No Connectivity.

So how connected do I really need to be? And is all this connectedness really helping me? That’s a really good question.



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