It’s here and it’s kicking my booty!

IMG_0210So NaNoWriMo has begun. I’ve attempted the challenge a few times before. I even finished on time once. And like every year, I vowed that this year I would not procrastinate and I would get myself signed-up and start writing bright and early in the morning on the first of November. And just like every year before, the first week of November is drifting away and I still haven’t even signed up yet, much less started my NaNoWriMo project.

The one thing I have improved on this year is excuses (I have really good ones this year!).

IMG_0128Well, for one thing, I’m in the middle-ish of writing my third novel, I can’t just drop everything and start a completely new project like it was nothing. It’s really hard to switch projects in mid project!

And the plumbing in my kitchen exploded this week!  So I have to rip out the old kitchen sink and the wall behind it and the counter under it (and maybe the floor too) and replace it all. And I can’t wash any dishes until I do, and I really like clean dishes.

IMG_0133Can’t you hear it? It’s the world’s tiniest violin and it’s playing just for me!

So, you see, I would like to be sailing along on the NaNoWriMo wave, but I just have all these things going on (see excuses above) and  I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish (or even participate) this year.


But next year, I will definitely sign-up early and totally be ready to write bright and early in the morning on November first, next year.


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