Let it go, let it go!

anderson island

I’m sure the neighbors haven’t noticed.

No, I’m not talking about a Disney princess song. I’m talking about my house. While trying to juggle writing, a job that actually pays, and family demands, I’ve kind of let some things go around the house. So the lawn has gained the Amazonian leafiness that is usually only found on the cover of National Geographic. My living room couch has been swept away in a tidal wave of junk mail that hasn’t yet found it’s way to the recycle bin or shredder. Clean dishes are now on the endangered species list, and the kitchen trash can is emitting a very unhappy smell.

I'm still making payments on that.

I’m still making payments on that.

And honestly, I didn’t even really notice how inhospitable to human life my house had become, at least not until a long lost Aunt showed up in her RV for a visit. I was given all of 2 hours advanced notice about this week long (parking right in front of my house) visit. 2 hours, which is just enough time to look around my home and realize that it looks like a toxic waste disaster site, and not enough time to do anything about it.

It really doesn't look so bad, at the right angle.

It really doesn’t look so bad, at the right angle.

After some frantic cleaning and cramming all the junk mail under the skirt of my couch (and still had to listen to jokes about my bachelorette life) I think I’ve learned my lesson. Well, at least until NaNoWriMo starts, then all bets are off!


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