Writing groups or Camp Bully?


Camp Bully?

Recently a friend of mine suggested that I join a writing group, or critique club, or something. My immediate reaction was “No way! What if everyone picked on my writing? I don’t think I could take that.” My friend insisted that most people in writing clubs are really nice, and they really help improve each other’s writing. I’m still not so sure. Should I believe her and join a writing group? Or would I end up just stuck in Camp Bully? I’d love to hear from both people that have joined writing groups and people that write solo.IMG_0210


One thought on “Writing groups or Camp Bully?

  1. Hi Amanda. Well, I was able to click on the link you provided and it took me here. I have a lot to say on this topic, but I’ll try not to go too long. I was in a writer’s critique group for 7 years. The only reason I left was because I moved away. If I’m being honest, critique groups can be tough to take. However, if they’re good people who are really interested in helping one another, then they will be constructive. Never, never should anyone say any work is “terrible,” “horrible,” “bad,” etc. What should be done is pointing out problem areas and some suggestions on what might improve them. Over the 7 years I was in the group, we had some nasty authors, some who just had never improved or helped, and some wonderful people who brainstormed with each other and grew as writers because of it. The really serious and generous authors stuck it out, the less serious authors eventually quit.

    It might be tough to find just the right fit in a critique group. But, I have to say, once our group got its groove, my writing improved immensely. I’m forever grateful for having been a part of it. It is difficult to hear where my writing is lacking, but it’s better to hear it from them so I can improve before reviews skewer me.

    There, I went too long. 😉

    Good luck with whatever you choose, and congratulations on your book.

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