NANOWRIMO! It’s coming!

IMG_0210Wow, summer isn’t even over and I’m already hearing about up coming Nanowrimo events. Everyone seems to be talking about different write-ins that will be happening around town. I’ve participated in the November writing marathon a few times before, I’ve even finished it once, but I’ve never actually joined one of the write-ins before.

When I write, I usually find someplace quiet where I can be all alone and think. To me a write-in sounds like the exact opposite. If you are surrounded by your friends and you’re chatting about all your writing ideas, when are you going to get any writing done? And don’t write-ins always take place somewhere really public, wouldn’t that be distracting too?

IMG_0128I don’t know, maybe I should try it and see what it’s like? If there’s anyone out there that goes to write-ins often, I would love to hear your perspective on the subject.


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